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To All Vendors


Indiana IMSA and the National IMSA just wanted to thank you again for your support with booths and technical presentations. The Indiana section again had great turnout at the: Crown Plaza, 2501 S. High School Rd, Indianapolis at the old airport.

Attendees were represented:
19 - Cities from IN, IL, OH, KY, ME, MI
6 - States represented
17 -contractors
2 - counties
10 – consultants/companies
4 - INDOT districts
11- Vendors

This represented those that visited the technical sessions and attended classes. We had 130 students in the 5 days of certification. We presented Work Zone, Traffic Signal 1, 2field, 3field and Construction, Signs & Markings 1, and 2, Roadway lighting, and a Troubleshooting and Networking class. There was a good representation at the banquet, some 52 attended. The 7 tech secessions had some 30 or more attendees in each seccesion.

Thanks again, and hope see you next year and those that were not able to make this year’s event, we hope to see you next year as well.